7 Top Home Improvement Trends for 2018 – Must Look

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It seems great to welcome 2018 with a little change in the home interior decoration. Well, despite it is to prevent the bored feeling, change somehow gives more positive vibes. Interestingly, there are some great ideas that can be applied for your house in this New Year. In general, the 2018 home improvement trends are more focused on the unique looks. What are they?

home improvement

Bring Back the Art Deco Style

There is something unique if you learn about the Art Deco style. It is uniquely modern and minimalist although this trend was created after World War I. Sure; still, the recent interior style deepens the sense of minimalist, adding the vibe of Art Deco is just great. It is by including the glass and brass as the items and fixtures. Not only this idea is unique, your home interior can look more elegant and classy as well. Combining it with certain neutral colors like white and grey makes this idea more flexible whether it is to be applied in the small or big room.

Matte Colors

If you think the trends of matte are only about the makeup, you are definitely wrong. In this 2018, matte becomes a good trend for home appliances particularly those with dark colors like black, grey, and brown. A good example matte application is on furniture or kitchen islands. Do you still love the glossy style so much? Let the matte fixtures come together with glass anyway.

Back-to-Nature Concept

This idea actually has been booming since some years ago. However, it seems that people still cannot be moved on from this. Indeed, who doesn’t love the natural concept anyway? The application of wooden furniture along with green houseplants inside just makes us feel more relaxed and refreshed. If it is possible, you can also add a small pond with natural stone ornaments around.

Futuristic Look

Maybe, you are still confused about the differences between modern and futuristic. Both are basically similar each other’s but futuristic interior and exterior are more representing the trends probably happened in the future, something which is somehow beyond our imagination. The use of brass and metallic accents anywhere can just be great here.

futuristic home

Wooden and Ceramic Tiles

If commonly wooden and ceramic tiles are optional, now, try to apply both at once. When the wooden tiles are already on the floor, use ceramic tiles on the wall or vice versa. It is basically a great combination of modern and natural.

Industrial Ideas

If you have this skill, try to recycle some of the stuff to be made as the ornaments or decorations. Some furniture like shelves and even tables can actually be made from pipes and other recycled materials. With skillful finishing, it just looks unique and beautiful.

Hallway with Simple Ornaments

Since a hallway is just the way to pass through, it seems you don’t need to put too many things there. Rather than putting furniture, some simple ornaments like painting, photos, and plants in pots are much better. Again, it is also to deepen the sense of modern anyway.

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