Effectively Detecting a Slab Leak

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Below the concrete foundation of your house lies a sewer line which takes the waste out of your home and pipes which brings water insider so you could have something to use for drinking, bathing and washing. There will come a time that leaks would happen on these lines and that is what we call slab leak. The water that gets out of these lines could cause expensive damages on your property. Early slab leak detection could help you avoid this expense.

Sudden Increase in Water Bill

If you experience increase in your water bill even though your water usage as the same as last month, it could be caused by a leak. A small leak could lead to wasting gallons of water every day. When you experience this, immediately check visible pipes for leaks.

If visible pipes are free of leaks, most likely the pipes located underground are causing the problem. This is the time that you have to call the service of the experts. They could easily find the leak and address it immediately.

Less Water Pressure

Another sign that there is leak is weak water pressure. When there are leaks in your pipes expect that water pressure would go down. As this leak gets bigger, the lower your water pressure would become. Water will not anymore be used easily in faucets for it would find its way into the ground.

When you experience sudden drop in your water pressure, see to it that you get the service of a professional plumber to perform the inspection. This way, any major damages and big expense could be avoided.

Puddles in the Floor

If you observe puddles in the floor, it could also be an indicator of a slab leak. Check where the water is coming from and if you could not find out the cause of the water, then most likely it came from under your foundation.

When you experience this, most likely the damage of the slab leak is getting serious as it already found its way into your flooring.

When a slab leak is detected or even if it is just a suspicion that there is a leak, do not ever hesitate to call the experts. There are now a lot of households that got serious damages due to slab leak problems.

Seeking for Professional Service

When you seek for professional service, see to it that you check the background of the plumbing company if they offer high quality service. Also check what their previous clients have to say about their work.

If looking for dependable plumbing service, consider Newport Beach Plumbing. Our service is available 24/7 so anytime you detect that there is slab leak in your home, you could immediately call us and we will be with you fast.

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