Best Kitchen Remodel Tips & Trick

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Do you have a dream kitchen in mind? Before you put your money into remodeling your kitchen, make sure that you have all the essentials covered. Here are some tips that you may want to consider.

Professional Help

Instead of going from one showroom to another, try to get professionals involved. Keep in mind that kitchen remodeling is a huge thing so you cannot just rush into it. You will get great advice on how to create the kitchen space you have always wanted.

More importantly, it will help you allocate your budget properly. It does not matter if you have a budget of $5,000 or $50,000, here is how it is commonly allocated:

  • 29% goes to cabinets and hardware;
  • 22% is allocated for design and installations;
  • 16% is reserved for walls, floors, doors, windows, and ceilings;
  • 114% of the budget is for appliances and ventilation; and
  • 9% for electrical and plumbing.

Making Money Count

To make the most of your kitchen remodel, make sure that the every cent is placed where it should be. Here are some of the things that you may splurge on:

  • A second sink for prepping food, bartending during parties, and washing hands;
  • Decorative panels with oversized doors to give your kitchen that custom-built look;
  • Drawer glides that pull out completely from the cabinet to make it easier to reach everything.

You can hold on the spending when it comes to:

  • Repairing crackled, distressed, and glazed finishes;
  • Pot fillers because it does not serve much purpose aside from filling pasta pots; and
  • A wine fridge.

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Saving on Cabinets

To reduce your spending on your kitchen cabinets, it would be wise to consider choosing manufacturers that can give you the style and finish that you want as part of the standard options. You also do not need to spend on custom organizers, after all, aftermarket dividers, rollout trays, and spice racks are cheaper to buy.

You should also limit or completely avoid customized configurations for your kitchen. There is no shame in sticking with cubby units, stock wine organizers, and appliance panels to close out awkward spaces in the kitchen.

Cabinets and Lighting

Factory made to order cabinets can be quite beautiful and affordable at the same time. This is quite true when you consider that most carry a maximum of 25 years of warranty for the workmanship, accessories, and internal hardware.

Under a controlled environment, the wood becomes more stable and lessens splitting and warping. Baked on finishes is also more durable than the air-dried ones you find. To enhance the look of your kitchen cabinets, pair it with the right lighting.

Wide beam and dimmable lights can look nice, but it can set you back anywhere from $25 to $125 on the average. For more savings, opt for LED bulbs that are energy efficient. Newer technology lights costs from $75 to $190 and can reduce your energy bills in the long run.

Blind Corners and Shelving

There are a couple of options to make blind corners more attractive. Here are some things that you can consider:

  • Half-Moon Lazy Susan – these slide out and move to one side to give you the luxury of tucking it to the corner. This costs $660 on the average.
  • Pull-Out Shelves – these can fully extend to allow you to reach inside for items that are placed on the rear. You can get this for about $790.

When storing on exposed shelves, make sure that the items are frequently washed because these can collect dusts. You should only consider open shelving if you have plenty of cookbooks, oversized items like serving platters, and wine racks.

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Faucets and Sinks

The right combination of faucet and sink will truly enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Usually a gooseneck that has a pull-down sprayer would be the best choice as it can be used even for huge pots and trays. The good thing with this faucet is that you can use it even with a traditional kitchen design.

In choosing a sink, select the biggest single basin you can find. Make sure though that it is not deeper than 10 inches. A flat bottom works best so that glasses would not tip over. Select a basin with a drain positioned toward the back so that the dirty dishes will not stack over it.

These are just some of the things you can consider when you remodel your kitchen. For more information, consult with a professional.

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