Make your Home Energy Efficient with Tankless Water Heater

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If you are looking for a way to save money with your electricity bill, it would be ideal that you replace your conventional tank type heater to tankless water heater. This tankless type is definitely made to be energy efficient so you could be sure that it would help decrease your electricity bill.

Common Issues with tank type heater:

  • Water is heater even when not used
  • Water stored in the tank could lose heat and needs to be heated again
  • Needs enough space for the tank

For homeowners who are already tired of using the conventional way of heating water, now is the right time to try tankless heater.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater

This water heater only works when there is a need for hot water. The opening of the faucet would be the signal that water needs to be heated for use.

The heating of the water is done in the heating coil where water would flow.  Since there is no need to store heated water, it is definitely energy efficient.

It could be used on various water sources and the good part is that it could provide hot water in seconds. You could now use hot water without worrying about your electricity bill.

Various uses of hot water:

  • Shower
  • Washing clothes and dishes
  • Cooking
  • Coffee

How does it work?

When water in the faucet is turned on, the flowing of the water will signal the start of the heating process. You don’t need to worry about the hotness of the water for you could set the temperature in the level of your preference.

There are components in the heating system that will check the temperature of the incoming water with the temperature you set. A burner is ignited which will heat the water and it could be powered through gas or electricity.

When the faucet is shut off, it also signals the end of the heating process. It will be on a standby mode until hot water is needed again.

Buying guide

Due to the way it provides hot water, this device is also called on-demand water heater. It certainly suites right its capacity to deliver hot water at home.

The tankless water heaters you could find in the market would vary in weight, size look and safety features. Just be sure that the one you purchase comes with warranty terms.

For homeowners who want some professional assistance in the purchase and installation of their water heater, Newport Beach Plumbing could help. We have been in business for a long time so you could be assured that we know how to do the installation professionally. Our many years of experience in the business make us a good choice.

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