Leak Detection

leak detection newport beach

Slab leaks are our specialty. A slab leak is a leak that occurs in the pipes that are located under the concrete foundation of your home.

High gas and water bills, hot or wet spots on the floor, and the sound of running water are all signs of a slab leak. Our line tracing equipment and acoustic leak detection help us to find slab leaks quickly. Once we have found the leak, we will prepare a written repair estimate.

Once the location is determined, we are going to think of great solutions to solve the problem. Rest assured that we are also considering the cost of the repair and since we don’t want you to spend too much, we will provide budget-friendly solutions for the plumbing issue.

You need not worry because we also aim to do the proper repair that will make your pipes function properly for a long time and not just on a temporary basis.If you need help on leak detection or all other plumbing issues, do not think twice to contact us.  We can help bring the convenience of everyone in your home with our slab leak detection service in Newport Beach.

If you have a slab leak in your home, we will detect and repair it in no time. Call Newport Beach Plumbing today!


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