What Type Plumbing Pipe Do I Have?

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Understanding the basic information about the plumbing is a must. Even though you are going to hire a plumber anyway, knowing the basics will help you a lot when your plumbing is not working properly.

So, here are the most common plumbing pipe types that may be staying behind your wall.

Galvanized steel pipe

This plumbing pipe is coated with zinc. It is pretty thick and also heavy. Grey or silver is going to be the exterior look of this pipe. House and building with modern construction are not commonly using this pipe anymore. But you will find the galvanized pipe in houses that were built between the 1930s and 1980s.

Again, this pipe is pretty heavy since it is made of steel. Steel pipe is kind of difficult to work with. In spite of the great durability, galvanized pipe still has a limited lifespan as well. The zinc can be broken down eventually. It affects the pipe to get rusted internally. As the result, the water pressure can be reduced and the water lines get clogged.

Copper pipe

This pipe began the debut in homes circa the 1930s. But actually, it got common in the house that was built on the 1960s till today. Compared to steel pipe, copper pipe is thinner. Oxidation will change the original copper color to green or dark brown after times.

Copper is good for durability, tolerating heat, and has the long span of life. However, it has its own drawback. The joints of the pipe may contain some solders with a lead base. Another concern is that copper is pretty costly since it is a commodity in the marketplace.

pipes type

PVC pipe

PVC pipe or polyvinyl chloride pipe is easily found in houses that were built from the 1950s till today. PVC is generally a hard plastic with white color. You will find distinctive markings at the bottom length. The marking identifies the PVC type. Besides, it also shows the diameter and temperature rating.

The good thing about PVC pipe is that it will not get corrode, degrade, or rust after overtime of use. But unfortunately, PVC is not suitable for plumbing pipe of hot water supplies line. You can only use this plumbing pipe for your sink, bathtub, and toilet drain lines or some vent stacks.

PEX pipe

PEX pipe appeared to be a standard plumbing since the 1990s. This cross-linked polyethylene pipe is available in various colors. But most homeowners choose the red pipe for lines of hot water supply and blue pipe for the lines of cold water supply. It also features a bit natural curve since it is packed inside the coil. The PEX pipe also shows the markings like the PVC pipe. You do not need to worry about corrosion and rust. But this pipe is never being used for the drain line.

PEX is a flexible pipe and easy to install. It can also be used for almost all plumbing installations. However, it should be kept away from direct sunlight. Several fittings can be a bit pricey as well.

If you want to know what plumbing types you need and how to determine which types you should install, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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