Signs to Replace Your Water Softener

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There could be times that you are wondering if it is a good idea to replace your water softener. Of course if you just recently installed this unit, you don’t want to have it replaced. If it experiences some problem, have it repaired by an expert. So when do you call for a replacement? Learn more below.

Water Tastes Bad

When your water softener would not function well, it could result to unwanted taste of water. When this happens, there is a big possibility that the water conditioner needs replacement. Though this part of the unit does not work like the water filter, it still helps in making sure that water is free from impurities.

The moment water tastes bad it’s time to replace the water conditioner immediately. If the unit has been working for a long time already, investing on a new water conditioner is a good idea but if it is just a few years old, you might as well ask an expert to check it for a better solution aside from replacement.

There are cases where an expert could find other ways to deal with this problem. An example is through adding some additional filtration or doing some simple repair on some parts of the water softener.

Hard Water Stains

The purpose of having this unit is to get rid of hard water in your faucet and other fixtures. So when you experience that your detergent does not work well or your soap does not lather like before, it might be due to the increase in impurities in the water.

You could also see some build-up of stains in the bathroom, faucet and other areas that uses water. Hard water could also cause some damages on water appliances so if these become less efficient, you could suspect that the softener unit is not anymore doing its job.

Doing some fixes on this kind of problem might only be temporary. That is why it is a better decision to simply go for the replacement of the unit.

You’ve Had Enough of Salt

If ever you are tired of using salt, you now have other options. Most of the old water softeners use salt to do the purification of water. Using salt would also require you to monitor its level. Good thing there are now models of water softener which are salt-free.

Going for replacement of your old water softener is definitely a good idea since the latest units today are more efficient and reliable. It will not cause you that much trouble and it does not need too much maintenance.

For your water softener installation or repair needs, go for the service of Newport Beach Plumbing. Our plumbers are professional and well-experienced when it comes to doing this kind of job. We have been trained to make sure that high quality service is offered to clients.

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