Things to Know about the Tankless Water Heater

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What is actually tankless water heater? Tankless water heater is surely functioned to heat up the water. But different from other types of heater, it doesn’t have any tank to load the water. So, in general, it works by utilizing the acceleration of stream that is higher than the heating device. There are two types of tankless water heater; they are using gas and using electricity. The difference is only about the power source but the way it works is just the same, in general.

Gas-Powered vs. Electricity-Powered Water Heater

The tankless water heater with gas as the power source must have energy factor for around 82% or more to make it work in a good quality. On the other hand, the efficiency level for the water heater with electric power source must be started from 15% to 40%. When you compare both, it seems that the electricity-powered water heater is the more recommended one for the efficiency. Interestingly, this one is much easier to be found in the market since the way to use it is also relatively simpler. The use of electricity is also considered as safer than the gas in term of carbon dioxide emission. Yes, gas has another lack since the emission produced is higher.

Electricity-Powered Water Heater is indeed better, particularly for household necessities. Unfortunately, for bigger power like in the industry or for business, the use of gas tends to be more profitable. It is able to produce more energy while the money to spend is less. It makes sense anyway, it is quite impossible to release a big amount of electric power only for the heater since it can give side effects to other sectors.


How It Works

A kind of tankless water heater which operates in the power level in the efficiency of 100% is able to load water of 1.6 gpm (minute per gallon) continuously. Then, the temperature is improved for around 30 degrees of Celsius of 54.0 degrees of Fahrenheit. To handle the entire household matters, it means that the water loaded can be less than that in term of speed. It is averagely around 1.3 gpm. Of course, it also depends on the necessities of each family that must be different from one to another. If the house has more family members, it means the needs to heat the water is more. The power needed is more as well.

Is tankless water heater is better than the tanked one?

Okay, it is seriously difficult to answer. It again depends on your necessities and how much money you want to spend. Tankless water heater can be more economical for its traditional way of working. It uses the principle of manual heating like placing the water in a kettle under the stove. Although it is more sophisticated but the energy spent is much bigger. On the other hand, water heater with the tank is commonly set up along with the air conditioner and the energy is found this way. This type is more expensive in the beginning but more efficient later.

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