Types of Water Heater Available for you

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Today, water heater is a vital part of the home since it provides a lot of convenience to home owners. However, this convenience could not be enjoyed when the heater does not meet your needs or does fail constantly. To have a consistent supply of water heater at home, it is best that you know the type which would work well for your home. When choosing a water heater, it is best to go for quality rather than cost.

Different types of Water Heater

  • Electric
  • Conventional tank
  • Gas-fired
  • Tankless
  • Solar

In choosing your water heater, make sure that you consider various factors. Do not just choose a water heater because a lot of people in your community use this type of water heater.

Below are some of these factors.

  • Needs of the family
  • Preference
  • Location

Conventional Tank Heater

A lot of houses today use a tank-type water heater. The concept of this type is using a water tank to store ready to use hot water. With this, anytime you need hot water, you could instantly get it flowing in the faucet. The capacity of the tank would depend much on its size, there are small and large sizes of this water thank.

For people who are planning for this option, it is necessary that you prepare enough space for the heating system and the tank. Proper ventilation is also required for this unit.

Gas Heater

A tank-type water heater could be powered by natural gas or propane. The good thing about this option is it’s cost effective. As we all know natural gas is cheap. So when this is how you fuel your heater, it could help you save a lot of money. The problem with this option is that using propane gas could easily damage your tank.

Electric Heater

In this type of heater, electricity is used to fuel the system. The problem with this option is the cost of electricity. As we all know, electricity cost is very high today. The good thing with this option is that water in the tank could always be heated efficiently.

Tank-less Heaters

There is also an option where you do not have to rely on tanks for hot water. This is a more energy-efficient option since water is only heated when needed. The water is heated as it passes through coils which provide the heat. Most of the time, this option is powered by natural gas. With this option, no hot water becomes unused.


The power of the sun could also now be used to fuel water heaters in your home. Proper installation of panels should be done by the experts only to properly connect it to your water heater system.

If you are troubled which type of water heater is right for you, call New Port Beach Plumbing now. We could really help. A thorough inspection on your property would be done to make sure that the type you choose would bring you convenience that you are seeking for.

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